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3000 species under one Dubai roof – The Green Planet

We’re proud to have been involved in the construction of the incredible Green Planet biodome in the heart of Dubai – a seven-storey building of glass and dramatic structural ‘folds’ to resemble origami, which features four levels of interaction with wildlife from across the world’s tropical climes.
The building invites tourists and school groups to learn about the complex ecosystems that live beneath the canopies, and is protected by a smoke control system which features Adexsi-manufactured products supplied by Adexsi UK: Hexacoif (NSHEV) vents (for overhead lighting, roof access and ventilation of hot smoke in the case of a fire); and EN12101-2 certified cowls for the smoke extract fans on site.
The site’s horticulturist, Rob Halpern, said: “We want visitors to have a good time, see something beautiful and learn something important about nature and the way it works. There is a great deal of life and diversity here. That’s why this ecology museum in Dubai centres on the tropical forest, to best tell the story of an ecosystem.”
The Green Planet will offer 15 educational programmes across five topics and three age groups.
Read more details in the case study here.
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