As one of the UK’s leading specialist ventilation and smoke control systems providers we work with a diverse range of clients across multiple sectors nationwide. From small local businesses to globally recognised enterprises, we have the experience, expertise and capacity to deliver the complete service – no matter the scale or complexity of project.

Residential and Custodial:

In an residential building fire, the smoke control system is designed to make fire fighters’ difficult job easier by improving visibility and providing clear fire fighting areas such as shafts and lobbies; even if fire doors are employed throughout, it can still be easy for smoke to spread quickly throughout a building as residents make their escape. In addition, day-to-day corridor ventilation can make conditions more comfortable in common areas, so a dual-purpose smoke control system could even be viewed as a selling point when attracting tenants.

Public and Leisure:

Public sector and government owned facilities often present complex challenges to ventilation and safety system contractors. Building size, floor plans and visitor numbers must be taken into consideration along with the technical specifications of the project – meaning a great deal of planning and coordination is required. Adexsi has been providing solutions to local authorities, government organisations and public sector facilities for many years – overseeing the management and installation of its systems every step of the way.

Education and Health:

The sensitive nature of education and health facilities means great care must be taken when undertaking any design, installation and maintenance work. Health facilities in particular also have to meet stringent legislation in a number of key areas such as cleanliness. Providing smoke control and ventilation systems to these areas Adexsi continually meet increasingly demanding standards of safety and hygiene while ensuring deadlines are kept and budgets are met.

Industrial and Manufacturing:

Single-storey factories and warehouses, Multi-level shopping centres and underground car parks are all areas that require great consideration and planning when it comes to ventilation and fire safety.
Busy factories are often noisy and may contain dangerous combustibles and difficult-to-pass areas, meaning quick acting smoke control systems are vital if a safe escape route is to be maintained.
Any work carried out in this type of environment has to meet the highest health and safety standards, health and safety accredited, Adexsi has extensive experience in expertly managing projects in this sector safely, to deadline while maintaining strict budgets.

Commercial and Retail:

High-end brand-conscious aesthetics combined with practicality, quality and value, the commercial and retail sector really does demand it all. Retail and commercial buildings – especially multi-level shopping centres and offices with atria – are often very busy and feature mezzanines, complicating smoke safety issues. Open-sided car parks often benefit from natural ventilation, but those that are enclosed or underground present significant smoke ventilation challenges. Each structure design presents different challenges to which our flexible approach can be adapted.