Keeping The Green Planet safe in Dubai


Seven storeys tall and encased in glass, the tropical world housed within The Green Planet, Dubai, invites tourists, school trips and curious locals to sample life within a living, breathing rainforest – all just miles away from the comforts of regional landmarks such as the Dubai Mall and Four Seasons Resort. The new, near self-sustaining building – or ‘biodome’ – houses up to 3000 different species of tropical plants, fish and animals, all maintained in a structure with strict environmental controls to balance temperature and humidity with the needs of the visiting public.


Working with main contractor Orascom Construction Industries and MEP contractor Habtoor Leighton Specon, Adexsi was appointed to assist with the provision of smoke control systems to the building, ensuring that visitors and staff are kept safe at all times while being sure not to interfere with the robust environmental control systems used to keep the plants and animals comfortable. The building – designed by Vancouver architects Brad McTavish and Clive Grout – was designed with the highest standards of fire safety in mind, and as such the contractor was looking for a supplier with equipment certified to EN12101-2, which dictates the quality and reliability of smoke ventilation products. Adexsi UK supplied its Hexacoif (NSHEV) product for use in the project – the range can be used for overhead lighting, roof access and safe ventilation of hot smoke in the case of a fire. In addition, Adexsi UK also supplied EN12101-2 certified cowls for the smoke extract fans on site.