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Why it matters that we use Adexsi Group products

There are a lot of different ventilation and smoke control options on the market. A good number of them are appropriately built and tested to the required standards, such as EN 12101-2 for smoke ventilation equipment, but there are plenty that aren’t.
The legislation makes it perfectly clear that simply applying actuators to existing window profiles does not come up to the standard required by vital life-safety systems, so you need all-in-one solutions to AOVs and hatches that are properly integrated and designed to work under some pretty intense conditions.
To avoid confusion and ensure quality, Adexsi UK is in the enviable position of having direct access to ventilation products manufactured within the Adexsi Group, which includes such businesses as:
Adexsi SA
Hexadome Construct
Hexadome Bulgaria
As well as keeping control of quality, this also means we’re able to keep control of costs. Whether we’re working on an intelligently-calculated, fire-engineered system design for a new build or a simple upgrade as part of our routine maintenance work, we are able to select from products including our Exubaie casement window ventilators or HEXACOIF Access roof hatch, and pass on the obvious cost savings to our customers.
To top it all off, the products we select have been designed with architects in mind every bit as much as fire safety officers or those responsible for sustainability; in fact, as the Adexsi Group website states: “by harnessing natural elements and integrating fire safety systems in working areas to make them quasi invisible, we contribute every day to the safety and comfort of people in any type of building.”