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The Adexsi Protect team offers smoke ventilation maintenance support on every system we install, as well as having the experience to maintain and inspect systems from other manufacturers. If you opt for one of our maintenance packages you’ll be cared for by our administration team who will track all maintenance work and ensure your systems always comply with the latest legislation. It’s simply one less thing for you to worry about.
Protect People, Preserve Property and Provide Peace of Mind

You can rely on Adexsi Protect to keep your building safe. A smoke control system has the potential to save your building or businesses from the disaster of a fire, helping to ensure the safety of your employees should such an unfortunate event occur. It is a legal requirement under The Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) 2005 that all smoke ventilation systems are regularly maintained.

Contact us today to find out how we can ensure your compliance with a timely inspection of your smoke ventilation system.

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Recent updates to the fire safety regulations highlight the requirements of a buildings “Responsible Person”.

With regards to routine testing and the identification of any defects, the official guidance’s states:

“At these monthly checks, typically all that will be required is a test to ensure that the smoke control system is capable of responding to a signal from any associated fire detection and fire alarm system. Additionally, it should respond to operation of any manual control provided for use by the fire and rescue service. Similarly, in the case of fire doors that are normally held open, but close automatically on operation of a fire detection system (which are not common in blocks of flats), the monthly check will simply confirm that the doors do close on operation of the system.”

“….if any of these checks reveal a fault in one of the above systems or equipment, you (the ‘Responsible Person) must take steps to rectify the fault. If the fault cannot be rectified within 24 hours of its discovery, you must, as soon as is reasonably practicable, notify the local fire and rescue service by electronic means. You must also notify them by electronic means when the fault has been rectified.”

It essential the building owners and operators, with particular importance for the Responsible Person, are aware of these requirements. adeProtect can assist you in meeting these statutory obligations.


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Our aim is to provide solutions tailored to each project, allowing our system design teams to adopt a flexible approach leading to innovative, cost-effective and efficient smoke control.

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We’re in the enviable position of being able to supply some of the best-quality smoke control and ventilation products on the market; each meeting the latest European quality standard.

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By using experienced teams of specialist installers we can ensure that each installation runs as smoothly as possible for our clients, with any issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

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