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Solar PV – Adesolar® by Adexsi UK

As the calls for action on climate change increase, renewable energy sources such as Solar PV will play a significant part in the move away from fossil fuels.

Recent advances in Solar PV technology mean that roof spaces can now generate up to 35% more energy than they did just 5 years ago. Many factors including:

  • New cell technologies
    • Reducing and eliminating gaps between cells
    • Lower operating temperatures
  • Better low light performance
    • Half cut cells
    • Improved use if bypass diodes
  • Larger panels
    • Panel sizes have risen on average from 1.6m2 to 1.85m2
  • Bifacial panels
    • Can produce an extra 10-15% yield, more in optimal conditions
  • Higher inverter efficiency
    • More precise MPPT systems
    • Lower startup voltages
    • Improved inverter reliability

Solar PV now often represents the most affordable solution to offset a building’s carbon footprint and reduce running costs for the owner or landlord. With the lowest maintenance costs of all renewable technologies and very few faults, Solar PV offers a secure investment.

Want to read the full presentation? Download the PDF document here.