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Why Adexsi Protect?

Protect People, Preserve Property and Provide Peace of Mind

Adexsi Group is one of the world’s leaders in the manufacture and supply of skylights, smoke ventilators and environmental control systems and as part of that organisation, Adexsi UK produces a wide range of products to serve these markets and offers installation, smoke control system design and more.

At Adexsi Protect we are happy to say that we’re the maintenance arm of the company, with direct, cost-effective access to this incredible range of equipment. We also have access to the expertise from within the group to ensure the buildings under our care are safe, compliant and up to spec. Our is a considerate, partnership-based way of working that takes account of your needs as the building owner in addition to legislative compliance.

We offer service contracts across a wide range of building types, such as apartment blocks, schools, universities, shopping centres, leisure centres, theatres, cinemas, offices and more, keeping them smoke-safe every minute of every day with scheduled maintenance and 24hr emergency call-out.

Our smoke control maintenance service ensures regulatory compliance and safe protection for your building’s occupants from the hazards posed by hot, toxic smoke if a fire breaks out.

Get in touch with our maintenance team today:

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Protect People, Preserve Property and Provide Peace of Mind