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Scheduled Maintenance

The way we work with you and your system is not just about fixing faults – it’s about preempting them for you. We can help by updating equipment that is near the end of its serviceable life; we understand that there is no wriggle room where life safety equipment is concerned, so our careful approach can save you considerable amounts of money as we work to prolong the lifespan of systems.

When the time comes that your equipment is near the end of its serviceable life, we’ll offer design advice on upgrades and improvements that will make your systems even more integrated, secure and efficient.

We offer scheduled maintenance service support at all levels and to all building sizes that fall under the remit of smoke control legislation, and our considerate works scheduling minimises disruption to you and your building’s occupants.

Please note that many conventional facilities management companies are not properly equipped or trained to undertake smoke control maintenance to the levels demanded by legislation.

Please see our service schedule checklist for more information.

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