Walkie Talkie gardens, City of London

Photo of Walkie Talkie gardens

Client - Josef Gartner


One of the most distinctive additions to the City of London skyline is the tower at 20 Fenchurch Street, affectionately nicknamed the Walkie Talkie. Beneath its organic roof form is a 35th floor sky garden, which accommodates a series of bars and restaurants, and is open to the public. The roof garden is substantially enclosed, providing stunning views for visitors. A major challenge for the glazed space was to install suitable ventilation to eliminate overheating from solar gain.


The solution is an Adexsi Veriflow system with a series of low level and high level dampers operating unseen behind the building’s cladding fins and external/internal louver systems. The dampers are located within the curtain walling installed by cladding specialist Josef Gartner, and operate in a gap of just 180mm. The Adexsi Vericom control system which is interfaced with the project’s building energy management system (BEMS), provides fully modulating control and ensures the appropriate volume of low and high level vents are open, maintaining the required airflow throughout the day.