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Smoke control for new IKEA Exeter branch

Client: Air Design Systems

Location: Exeter


Whenever the Swedish giant IKEA opens a new store it’s a newsworthy event – even if this opening was delayed 10 days by the ‘beast from the east’!

Adexsi UK was proud to provide expertise, design knowledge and world-leading products to this high-profile project on time as planned. IKEA invested £80m in the new site which covers an impressive 29,000 square metres. The store features room sets, a crèche, restaurant and underground car park with over 1,000 spaces. The challenge was to provide fully compliant and effective ventilation and fire prevention solutions to the new build to ensure the safety and comfort of staff and visitors.


Adexsi UK worked collaboratively with our client Air Design Systems, and their client Briggs and Forrester. We developed the optimum mix of products from our portfolio to deliver a system that provides efficient ventilation and can extract dangerous smoke if a fire breaks out. We supplied 48 smoke ventilation louvres to the IKEA store, including Certilam Roof Louvres (insulated), Certilam Wall Louvres and Certilux Roof Louvres (polycarbonate) – integrated seamlessly into the build in a visually pleasing manner (where unique dimensions were identified we commissioned bespoke manufacturing to ensure the perfect fit). All products supplied were tested to BSEN12101-2 and are CE-certified.

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