Muscat airport, Oman

Design of Muscat airport, Oman

Client - Bahwan Engineering


The Sultanate of Oman is upgrading its airports to cope with increasing demand. At the main Muscat airport, expansion is well under way with a new terminal and expanded runway and ground support areas ready to handle 12 million passengers a year. Further expansion phases have been planned, taking the airport up in stages to a capacity of 24, 36 and then 48 million passengers a year. Current works include a new control tower, and a 345,000 sq m terminal building that houses 96 check in desks, with 29 passenger boarding bridges and a further 30 remote airport stands. New runways have the capacity to handle the world’s largest passenger jets including the Airbus A380.


Adexsi was asked to assist with the smoke and natural ventilation needs of the new terminal’s piers. The solution was the bespoke design and supply of 33 acoustic Certilight phonique extract terminals, with twin ventilation flaps that particularly suit high atrium situations. The “phonique” name indicates that the ventilator units are designed with a high acoustic attenuation capability, to limit the volume of noise from aircraft jet engines that reaches the building interior.