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Fitzwilliam College

Client: Fitzwilliam College

Location: Cambridge, London


Founded in 1869 to broaden access to Cambridge University, Fitzwilliam College is committed to supporting our students and academics to achieve excellence and to have a positive impact on our local and global society.

The College has a long history of Building for the future.

In order to promote its position as a world leading facility, it is undertaking some improvement’s on it’s journey to nett zero.

One current project is the refurbishment of the Audotorium Roof.

The 250-seat Auditorium, by Allies and Morrison, is built from a brick similar to The Grove’s, and extends below ground, giving the seating galleries a ground-level relationship with the landscape. Praised for its acoustics, it won an RIBA Award, a Concrete Society Award and, together with Gatehouse Court, won the Brick Development Association Award for Building of the Year in 2005.


A new and enhanced roofing system will be installed using Soprema Roofing Systems. The increased insulation values of the roof will provide Part L compliance and offer both energy and whole life cycle savings for the building. The Roofing System will have an integrated Solar PV mounting system using Solar Alpino by M&W (A Soprema Group Company). A Typical kWp 40.905 kWh* 37,679.71 (or 103.23 kWh per day) PV System: 1876 laptops can be charged per day (1, 2) 27 electric cars can be charged per day 10 standard houses can be powered (excluding electrical heating)

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