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Adesmoke control system for Rhyl Central Car Park


Rhyl Central Car Park is the primary car park for the Rhyl town centre and Children’s Village, with the capacity for 500 vehicles. Amidst a potential change in leisure delivery in the town, Denbighshire County Council has undertaken a major refurbishment of the car park to support the Waterfront Regeneration Scheme and improve parking services for residents and visitors.


Adexsi UK was appointed to outfit the car park building with Life Safety Smoke Extraction capacity, including comprehensive smoke management and ventilation. A challenging project due to the nature of the existing structure, Adexsi UK worked alongside ISG Construction and Hensall Mechanical Services to install an Adesmoke® powered system. The smoke control apparatus designed by Adexsi comprised of 4no Run and Standby Smoke Extract Fans, 10no Car Park Cyclone Fans, and an ADX 121 Smoke Ventilation Control and CO Detection System. Rhyl Central Car Park, now fully equipped in the instance of smoke outbreak, reopened soon after installation.

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