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Adexit – come what may, we’re ready

Firstly, if you’re fed up to the back teeth of Brexit talk, look away now. As alternative reading, may we recommend this article about the importance of involving smoke control design early on in the construction process, or this one regarding our recent report on the importance of controlling smoke full stop? You could even check out our e-commerce platform for rooflighting products, Adexsi Direct.
To those of you still reading, then, we have an important message: we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, so we’re preparing for all eventualities. Perhaps Brexit will go ‘as planned’ in accordance with the proposal agreed by the EU. Perhaps the deal will be rejected and we’ll get the oft-threatened ‘hard Brexit’. Or perhaps there will even be another referendum and the whole thing will be called off. Nobody knows which way it’s going to go, and we’re well aware of the stark differences of opinion that crop up whenever the subject is raised.
No need to worry
We want to instil confidence in our customers. We’re the British arm of a European business and we make money for that European business. Likewise we benefit from product, expertise and investment from Europe, and we’re confident that these bonds are strong enough to resist any challenging conditions, even in the instance of a purportedly catastrophic ‘no-deal’ scenario.
Regardless of what the future holds we’ll stick to our values of quality product and expert service, to ensure our customers feel minimal disruption as the transition takes place.
How are we preparing?
There’s plenty of guidance out there for businesses looking for help or advice, and some common-sense checklists for companies to work through. For us that means considerations such as compliance with relevant product standards, movement of goods across borders, how immigration rules might affect our workforce, financial procedures and working with our supply chain to ensure our own processes aren’t interrupted.
And it’s not all about battening down the hatches; the CBI reports that around half of UK businesses are actively seeking business benefits from Brexit, with half of them reporting success already. As a business we’re always keen to make the most of opportunities when they arise, so long as it’s to the advantage of our clients. Plus we already have experience exporting to the Middle East (and importing from around the world) which means we understand the processes involved and already have skilled people in the relevant roles.
Fail to prepare…
So while we freely admit we’d like to see a smooth Brexit go by without dramatic incident or anything resembling economic collapse, we’re not foolish enough to put all our eggs in one hopeful basket. Our business is prepared for anything, and we can only suggest that yours does the same.