Maintenance Benefits

In a fire, your building’s smoke control system can provide a safe means of escape for building occupants, and make it easier for fire fighting specialists to approach the blaze. We take a holistic view, ensuring not only that your smoke control system’s components are functional but also that they’re talking properly to each other, and to other relevant building systems (such as BEMS or fire alarms).


Our smoke safety maintenance works around your requirements, so you won’t need any downtime of your building’s daily function, and we’ll alert you when any more serious works (such as replacement of smoke vents) are coming up so there are no nasty surprises.

  • New systems
  • Surveys and reports
  • Callout and reports/updates
  • Software and systems
  • Product manufacture & access to spares
  • Components and full systems
  • 24hr call out available
  • We can maintain systems installed by any supplier


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