Legislative Compliance

To make sure businesses and building owners/operators ensure the safety of the people in their facilities, the government introduced legislation regarding the maintenance of fire safety equipment, including smoke control systems. The Regulatory Reform Order (Fire) 2005 – often known as the RRO – states that the building owner, employer or facilities manager is the ‘responsible person’ in the eyes of the law, and must ensure that smoke control systems are properly maintained.


The reality is that a lot of these responsible people may be unfamiliar with their building’s own smoke control systems, and that’s why it is important they appoint a maintenance partner who knows the industry, the market and legislative compliance inside out. Our experienced maintenance engineers work to the schedules of maintenance set out in BS9999:2008, and in accordance with design regulations (such as ADB, BS9999, BS7346, SCA guidance etc).


Smoke control systems come under the remit of fire brigade enforcement, and there have been massive fines already handed out to those who neglect the legislation, plus there is the threat of a custodial sentence to those responsible people seen to not be taking smoke control safety seriously enough.


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