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Design & Marketing

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Design & Marketing

Order Adexsi UK design and marketing services from Dexterous Designs, anything from icon creation, infographics, brochure and catalogue design, through to social media assets and videography.

Design Support

Project & News Marketing

Click here to order your Adexsi UK website project, news updates and case study marketing assets.

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Business Cards & Stationery

Our easy ordering portal for all things stationery, business card, letterheads, catalogues, labels, note books, pens and promotional items, to name a few!

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Site Signage & Exhibition

All things large format, site and project boards, pull-up banners, PPE and more!

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Adexsi UK Brand Guidelines 

Our brand is arguably one of our organisation’s most important assets. It gives your organisation an identity, makes our business memorable, encourages our customers and partners to work with us, it’s embraced in our marketing and advertising, and brings our employees pride and passion.

Our brand guidelines have been created to ensure that our logo, colours, fonts and assets are consistent across all printed and digital assets.


Adexsi Uk Business Cards

Adexsi UK Business Cards

Our business cards are printed in our brand colours on 350gsm silk artboard, FSC certified. Soft touch and UV lamination is added for a luxurious feel.


Adexsi UK Letterheads

Our letterheads are printed in our brand colours on 120gsm uncoated paper, FSC certified.


Adexsi UK labels

Adexsi UK Service and Maintenance Labels

Order Adexsi UK numbered QR code labels, smoke ventilation service labels, battery installed labels. Or request a design for a new label.


Adexsi UK note books

Adexsi UK Note Books

Order Adexsi UK note books or request a design for a new version.


Adexsi Uk Promotional Items

Adexsi UK Promotional Items

Order Adexsi UK promotional products, pens, coasters, lanyards and much more.

Or request a design for a new product for an upcoming event, trade show or brand awareness campaign. 


Adexsi UK large format boards

Adexsi UK Site Hoarding Boards

Order Adexsi UK hoarding and site boards.

Or request a design for a new board to locate on site to promote Adexsi brands and services. 


Adexsi UK Projects

Adexsi UK Projects, Case Study and News Articles

Order your Adexsi UK website project, news updates and case study marketing assets. 

Adexsi UK Website Updates

Adexsi UK Website Updates

Order your Adexsi UK website content updates, new brand and product pages.

Contact Dexterous Designs

If you need to talk to one of our designers regarding marketing, design or website assets please get in touch by supplying your email address, or give us a call on +44 (0)1823 270000