VeriShaft – mechanical smoke ventilation

Adexsi’s mechanical smoke control systems are designed to suit each application. Our team will work with you to take account of all legislative demands and building regulations that apply to your project, drawing together the best components and products for the task within a VeriShaft system.

What is mechanical smoke extraction?

The principal of a mechanical smoke shaft is one of extracting smoke from escape routes and fire fighting service access routes, so that in the case of a fire the building can be safely evacuated or the blaze tackled.

The shaft is equipped with smoke dampers on every floor. When a fire is detected, the dampers on each floor shut, with the exception of those on the fire floor. Extraction fans at the top of the shaft are activated and smoke is drawn into the shaft, up its length and away from the building. This process ensures smoke doesn’t enter other floors and is balanced with the opening of smoke vents in e.g. the head of an adjacent stairwell to provide fresh inlet air – this prevents pressure issues blowing the smoke back into the building or making doors difficult to open.

Why VeriShaft?

Our VeriShaft solution uses minimal floor space in the building and is a safe, proven and efficient fire engineered option. We work with you to engineer a suitable, safe solution that satisfies legislation and offers optimum cost-effectiveness.


If you already have a smoke safety system in place but require maintenance, please get in touch with Adexsi Protect.


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