VeriPark – car park ventilation

Car parks have particular requirements for extraction and fire prevention, calling for a VeriPark installation. Often installed underground or in situations where there is limited natural ventilation, they need high performance equipment with control systems to ensure smoke is removed quickly and efficiently, should there be a fire. In addition, there will be a need for a permanent extraction system, to ensure air quality is maintained and vehicle exhaust gases are removed.
Why vent a car park?

Underground car parks are essentially enclosed spaces full of fume-emitting vehicles, each loaded with highly flammable fuel – ventilation is clearly a must. To maintain safe breathing conditions, the ventilation system must be able to operate at low velocities to direct built-up fumes toward extraction points once they’re detected by suitable equipment.

If a fire breaks out, then the fan speed can ramp up to clear smoke from the car park, enabling fire fighters to extinguish the blaze more easily.
Why VeriPark?

We will work closely with you to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your car park’s geometry – no matter its size, layout or number of floors.


If you already have a car park system in place but require maintenance, please get in touch with Adexsi Protect.


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