VeriFlow – natural ventilation

In some cases, a natural smoke ventilation system is the ideal solution to clearing a building – hence our VeriFlow systems have been developed. Often the Adexsi team can combine this operation with other key building tasks, such as natural cooling of building atria during summer periods.

Why natural ventilation?

Natural smoke ventilation takes advantage of hot smoke’s natural buoyancy to remove it from areas where building occupants are likely to be escaping in the instance of a fire, or where fire fighting services will need to gain access to the blaze.

By utilising detectors and controls, a VeriFlow system will be able to open the correct vents to allow both smoke extraction and the inlet of fresh air, ensuring proper airflow and the safest possible solution.

Natural ventilation systems can benefit from lower ongoing service costs and less expensive mechanical intervention, although they need to take account of building design and – where a natural smoke shaft is required – may take up more floor space than a mechanically-powered alternative.

Why VeriFlow?

Our system is engineered to work with your building’s layout, taking account of your needs as our customer and also the maintenance and energy-efficiency of the building’s eventual owner/occupiers. As the Adexi Group manufactures a good deal of ventilation equipment products, we’re able to access these directly.


If you already have a ventilation system in place but require maintenance, please get in touch with Adexsi Protect.


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