VeriCom – ventilation control systems

Many modern building control systems draw together various elements of control within the structure, to ensure they work efficiently and effectively together. The Adexsi VeriCom solution provides an appropriate control system that can interface as necessary, balancing innovation with proven systems that can be relied on in emergency situations such as when a fire alarm is raised.

Why do you need a control system?

Smoke control system (or comfort daily ventilation systems) will only be effective if its elements are in proper communication. If a fire breaks out, you need the correct smoke vents to open and the correct fans to activate. If heat builds up in one part of a building, you don’t want cooling to kick in elsewhere. Control systems read detector data and operate along agreed “cause and effect” protocols to ensure the correct response at all times.

Why VeriCom?

Our flexible solution is based on established, reliable technology and can be integrated with other building control systems as suits your project’s needs. Please get in touch for more details.

If you already have a control system in place but require maintenance, please get in touch with Adexsi Protect.


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