Adexsi UK ‘s whole philosophy is to provide “A Clear Solution” for all of your smoke control, natural ventilation or day lighting problems with a range of industry leading products all proven and tested to the latest European standards.


Through our wealth of experience in smoke control system design we know that what to us is a small problem can be a major headache for our customers. We have an understanding of all industry driving factors, so whether it’s aesthetics, price, size constraint or technical specification Adexsi UK will always provide products matched to your requirements. Adexsi UK, opening new perspectives in smoke control system design.


The Adexsi service is not just about choosing products for customers – it starts with consultancy and design, to ensure that an integrated system will deliver the required solution. Our team are fully up to speed with all relevant regulations, and will develop a solution to meet the performance specification required – ensuring safety every time. We specialise in working closely with architects, main contractors and building engineers to ensure the right route is taken to solve the problem.


To summarise our approach, our systems are grouped under four key headings:



Adexsi’s mechanical smoke ventilation systems are designed to suit each application. Our team will work with you to take account of all legislative demands and building regulations that apply to your project, drawing together the best components and products for the task within a VeriShaft system. Read More



In some cases, a natural smoke ventilation system is the ideal solution to clearing a building – hence our VeriFlow systems have been developed. Often the Adexsi team can combine this operation with other key building tasks, such as natural cooling during of building atria during summer periods. Read More



Car parks have particular requirements for extraction and fire prevention, calling for a VeriPark installation. Often installed underground or in situations where there is limited natural ventilation, they need high performance equipment with control systems to ensure smoke is removed quickly and efficiently, should there be a fire. In addition, there will be a need for a permanent extraction system, to ensure air quality is maintained and vehicle exhaust gases are removed. Read More



Many modern building control systems draw together various elements of control within the structure, to ensure they work efficiently and effectively together. The Adexsi VeriCom solution provides an appropriate control system that can interface as necessary, balancing innovation with proven systems that can be relied on in emergency situations such as when a fire alarm is raised. Read More