Our related links page is provided to assist individuals in finding further information or advice regarding subject areas related to but outside the field of Adexsi UK s expertise.


British Standards Institute

The British Standards Institute is the leading body for the provision of guidance documents recognized across the UK.



Institute of Fire Engineers

The IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers) is a non profit making professional body which provides professional recognition for members. The IFE upholds professional standards within all public and private fire sectors by offering assessment of knowledge, experience and development and engages with major stakeholders to offer international conferences, identify and promote good practice and enhance technical networks worldwide.



Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers received its Royal Charter in 1976. It is the professional body that exists to: ‘support the Science, Art and Practice of building Services engineering, by providing our members and the public with first class information and education Services and promoting the spirit of fellowship which guides our work.’



Federation of Environmental Trade Associations

The Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA) is the recognised UK body which represents the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, installers and contractors within the heat pump, controls, ventilating, refrigeration & air conditioning industry. It is split into six principle Associations ADCAS – BCIA – BFCMA, BRA, HEVAC and HPA.



HEVAC association

The HEVAC association represents the interests of the Members and specifically:

  • Promotes the interests of manufacturers and distributors of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning equipment.
  • Obtains maximum publicity for the industry through exhibitions, promotions and general public relations and emphasises the products and Services of Members in so doing.
  • Influences legislation, regulations and policies, that affect or might affect, the technical or commercial interest of the industry in general and Members in particular.
  • Develops and promotes high standards of quality, design, safety and workmanship in the industry.
  • Encourages uniform standards of Education and Training at all levels throughout the Industry.
  • Co-ordinates Technical and Market Research into areas of common interest identified by Members.
  • 5Works to improve trading conditions and promote trading opportunities for Members in Home and overseas markets.