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Smoke safe student accommodation in Capital Quarter

Client: CMB

Location: Cardiff


A £2.5m foot bridge – dubbed the Smartbridge – links the attractive new Capital Quarter development into the heart of Cardiff City Centre.

The development consists of a number of buildings, starting with an office block and the aforementioned bridge, with retail, commercial and residential space all featuring in the build.

A new 580 student accommodation consisting of two blocks faces directly onto Cardiff’s Atrium creative college, and the development of the structure required input from a smoke control specialist to ensure the safety of its occupants.


Student accommodations are recognised as one of the most high-risk buildings when it comes to the likelihood of a fire breaking out. Communal kitchens, a penchant for revelry and a high density of occupants means smoke control systems have to be alert to any outbreak of fire. Working for main contractor CMB and J R Smart, Adexsi specified and installed a VeriShaft mechanical smoke ventilation shaft (which was pressure-controlled in the fire fighting lobbies in each of the two blocks (north and south)). In addition, Adexsi-sourced Centrilam F natural vents were installed at the top of the atrium to enable natural ventilation and inlet air should a fire break out.

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