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Smoke control in N19 apartment building

Client: Herts Builders Ltd

Location: London


In London’s Archway, Islington, area is an attractive new residential development called Whittington House. The property agent describes it thusly: “a contemporary, urban build [that] comprises a mix of studio, one and two-bed homes, each architecturally considered with maximum light and space in mind. The interior designs continue to compliment this theme, with open-plan living spaces and stylish kitchens and bathrooms throughout.”

What this adds up to is a high-spec residential tower block of seven floors, which Approved Document B dictates must have a smoke control system installed to ensure protection of residents from the risk of smoke inhalation during a fire.


A VeriShaft smoke control system is Adexsi UK’s tailored, fire engineered, approach to what is known in the industry as a mechanical smoke shaft. Such shafts are basically standard, sealed builder’s shafts linked to a network of sensors, controls and vents designed to spring into life if a fire is detected. In this instance, a fan arrangement at the top of the shaft kicks in, drawing smoke into the shaft through an open damper on the fire floor. Other floors’ dampers remain shut, and a vent above the stairwell opens to allow a flow of inlet air. The system is designed to protect means of escape and fire fighter ingress. Adexsi was appointed by the developer Herts Builders Ltd to undertake the smoke control works, using products sourced from within the Adexsi group.

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