New England Quarter keeps growing

Client - Bouygues


Brighton and Hove is home to the New England Quarter mixed use development, which consists of many commercial, residential and retail units. Construction of the new area has taken over a decade with numerous phases adding to the modernity of this part of Brighton (near the railway station). One of the more recent sectors is known as Site J, located between Fleet Street to the east, Mangalore Way to the south and Stroudley Road to the north. The development comprises: Residential: 147 units; Hotel: 98 bedrooms; Office space: 3000m²; Retail: 240 m² all set around a 1200m² new public square.


Bouygues appointed Adexsi UK to work on the residential units, which are split into two blocks each eight storeys in height, with other uses located on the ground floor. Such residential towers have a legislative requirement for smoke control systems to be installed, ensuring that if a fire were to break out means of escape and fire fighter access would be maintained as smoke free. For this project, Adexsi UK’s VeriFlow natural ventilation shafts were selected, offering a low-energy, low-maintenance solution to smoke control by allowing hot smoke to be vented up and away from fire fighting lobbies within the towers.