Mount Pleasant Student Accommodation Fitted with AdeSmoke System

Client - Working Environments & Osborne


Adexsi UK was chosen to work on a major student accommodation development at Cambridge University in collaboration with Osborne, a leading solutions provider for the built environment. In partnership with the client, Working Environments, Adexsi UK implemented AdeSmoke® natural smoke ventilation systems as part of fire safety precautions at the student accommodation development under construction.

Mount Pleasant Halls student accommodation has 275 bedrooms which span across two buildings in a horseshoe layout. As such, an effective Smoke and Heat Exhaust Vent (SHEV) system was crucial for creating a safe means of escape for occupants as well as for allowing emergency responders to safely enter and perform their duties effectively.

There are five stair cores in the building that required Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) systems to control heat and smoke in the escape lobbies and stairwells in the event of a fire. The design of the AdeSmoke® systems had to fit with the modern aesthetic of the new student accommodation building whilst also promoting fire safety through effective smoke management in an emergency.


Adexsi UK designed and installed discrete and cost-effective stand-alone natural smoke ventilation solutions for each of the five cores in the building. Large smoke shaft lobby ventilators were installed on floors one to four in two of the cores. As the smoke shaft continued unabridged through the fifth floor to create the required stack effect, the two fifth floor lobbies were fitted with dual roof-mounted ventilators.

A total of fourteen AdeSmoke® roof vents – a combination of hatch and louvre types – were installed on the Mount Pleasant Halls project, all of which were manufactured by Adexsi UK to meet the exact specification of the client. All Adexsi AdeSmoke® SHEV systems are manufactured in compliance with BS EN 12101-2.

Upon project completion, Working Environment’s Project Manager, Mr Mark Jenson, sent a personal thank you letter stating, “it’s been a pleasure to work with Adexsi; your pride in your work is evident…thank you for your support.”