Fire protection at new Waste To Energy plant

Photo of Waste To Energy plant Wilton, Teeside

Client - LX Engineering


A waste to energy facility does exactly that – burns waste material to generate electricity, all the while reducing the burden on landfill sites. This particular facility in Wilton, Teeside, is run by Cofely Suez and can convert 430,000 tonnes of rubbish every year into electricity, with the output sufficient to supply around 63,000 homes in the north of England. Large amounts of waste gathered in one space can generate heat, and certain waste components may themselves be combustible, so fire safety is a priority in such a structure.


Working for our client LX Engineering (with consultant Tata Steel Projects), Adexsi UK undertook a major smoke control and ventilation project to ensure a safe environment at this significant development. A series of roof vents was specified, with installation of Adexsi’s Certilam T being selected due to the products’ compliance with the smoke ventilation standard EN12101-2. Certilam T is a complete NSHEV (Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator) which has its own mechanisms to open/close. The network of vents is controlled en masse by a VeriCom control unit, also supplied and programmed by Adexsi UK. In the instance of a fire, the relevant vents will open to allow smoke to be safely vented from the roof.