HEXAVOUTE PCA Dop Daily Ventilation

Hexavoûte DoP is a pneumatic smoke extraction segment designed to be installed in our vaults Hexavoûte Fix.
This product is CE certified according to the norm EN 12101-2 (available for width of Hexavoûte between 1.50m and 3.50m).

Daily rooftop ventilation systems are designed to allow for natural ventilation, taking advantage of the flow of warm air to cool buildings without the need for mechanical intervention (e.g. fan systems). When called upon, the Hexavoute will open on the building’s rooftop, letting warm air’s own buoyancy carry it up and away out of the building, lowering the net temperature.



• An aluminium frame which protects the periphery of dome or PCA.

• A thermofuse pre-installed in the factory.

• Two opening flaps controlled by thermofuse and/or central pneumatic box. The opening power is given by 2 CO2 piston integrated in the whole system. The opening and closing function is controlled from the floor by activating a CO2 cartridge for opening and a CO2 cartridge for closing.

• Optionally, an electric 230V drive can be installed for daily ventilation purpose (opening of 30 cm).


• Overhead lighting
• Daily ventilation
• Electric or pneumatic actuation
• Smoke extraction
• Installed onto curb
• Self supporting

Standard: CE