HEXAONDE Air Skylight for Daily Ventilation

Hexasteel Air is a skylight designed for the waterproofed roofs in order to carry out daily ventilation in the building. This skylight for daily ventilation is available with manual or electrical activation. The skylight specifically designed for the steel deck and sandwich panel roofs, and allows daily ventilation in the building.

This product is available with manual or electrical activation.


• A metallic upstand 30, 40 or 50 cm high, which can be equipped with an insulation board 15 mm (Uf = 2.5W/m2 K) or 30 mm (Uf = 1.5 W/m2 K).

The surface of the insulation can be bitumen or PVC coated for a direct weld with the waterproofing membrane.

• An aluminium frame which protects the periphery of dome or PCA.

• An opening mechanism:
– Hexasteel Air Manual: a screw operated with the help of a crankshaft (250 mm stroke).
– Hexasteel Air Electric: with an electric drive 230V, 50Hz, 150W, 0.7A, 300 mm stroke (switch in option).


• Our standard:
– PCA 10 mm 4 skins
• In option:
– PCA 16 mm 7 skins
– Double dome in PMMA, polycarbonate or Hexachoc 1200J
– Insulated aluminium cover