Exubaie Casement Window Ventilator

Casement Window Ventilator with hidden 24V actuator for controlled powered open and powered closed operation. Specifically designed for use as a Smoke Ventilator in high quality architectural buildings. Tested to EN12101-2 for Smoke Ventilation


. EXUBAIE is a NSHEV (Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators) integrating its own mechanisms for installation on glazed structure.

. For wall installation: bottom/top/side hung outwards or inwards opening.

. The EXUBAIE profiles can be with or without thermal broken profile. The different adaptations available allow an easy installation on concrete, wood or on curtain wall.

. All finishes available. In any RAL paint or anodised finish.


• EXUBAIE is a NSHEV (Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators) conforms to EN 12101-2 and NFS 61 937-1.


. Standard (STD).

. Thermally broken profile (RPT).

. Adaptation on curtain wall.


. NSHEV (Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators) certified NF EN 12101-2 and NFS 61937-1.

. Classification Air/Water/wind (A 3, EE, UE) – new trials according to current European standards.

. Reliability Tests: Re 1,000 et Re 10,000.

. Aerodynamic value: Cv from 0,5 up to 0,6 in accordance with size and opening angle.

. Ug: from 1,9 up to 4 W m2 /°K for opaque thermal infills. . Ug: from 2,1 up to 5,7 W m2 /°K for glass infill

* Test reports available on request