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Unique lift shaft system for Marie Curie building

Marie Curie Hospice Cardiff and the Vale

The Marie Curie charity offers considerate end of life care, terminal illness support and hospice/respite facilities for cancer sufferers and their families at the most crucial time.
The charity’s new hospice building in Penarth, Cardiff, was built to provide specialist care to around 600 in-patients, 870 out-patients and 2,000 day care attendees every year.
Due to constraints within the building design, a conventional smoke shaft system was unobtainable, but the multi-storey structure still required a smoke-safe solution in line with building regulations such as Approved Document B.
As such, Adexsi UK adapted the principals of its VeriShaft smoke control mechanical shaft system to operate in the building, providing pressurisation using the lift shaft only. If a fire were to break out in the hospice, this approach to fire engineering allows for the flow of smoke to be controlled and the routes of escape left clear for staff and patients. It also makes it easier for Fire Brigade staff to approach and fight the blaze.
With the appreciated support of its suppliers, all Adexsi UK’s profits will be donated to Marie Curie upon the completion of the project.