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Adexsi group adds HISL to the portfolio

Adexsi, the growing specialist in smoke exhaust ventilation, air and natural lighting management, has expanded again with the acquisition of French specialist HISL.
HISL has more than 50 years of experience in lighting, ventilation and smoke exhaust ventilation, and comes with a EUR41m turnover, 240 staff and substantial production facilities for delivering products including the Sodilight roof vault system.
This addition, combined with the acquisition of German skylight specialist Eternit Flachdach earlier this year, means Adexsi is now a major player in smoke ventilation, air and natural lighting management. As well as directly manufacturing a wide range of suitable products, the company also offers a valuable design and advisory service to ensure buildings have suitable fire and smoke safety systems.
The additions mean Adexsi is now a France-based global group with EUR146m turnover, supplying construction projects around the world. With 900 staff and 9 factories, and subsidiaries in China, the UK, Morocco and Romania, the group is well placed to continue innovating with energy efficient design and a focus on fire safety.
New addition HISL includes divisions SIH, Sodilight, Innovation Partners, SIH Services, SIH Morocco and SIH Lumina. Its innovative products in the construction sector have included PCA Pearl Inside, and the integration of dynamic SageGlass into its skylight range.
“We are reinventing our business to meet the new requirements of buildings and their occupiers. To do this, we have created a business competence and know-how hub, Adexsi, to optimise overhead lighting and natural ventilation with smart management tools,” said Philippe Fritzinger, Managing Director of Adexsi.
“Adexsi has decided to go beyond the security constraints imposed on several of its customers, for smoke exhaust ventilation in particular, by offering them new solutions that not only provide necessary security but also real benefits in terms of architecture and comfort,” he added. “The integration of HISL and Eternit Flachdach is a logical move in view of the development of Adexsi’s structure.”
Adexsi was created in 2000, linking with the Soprema group in France. Since then, the company has grown with additions including Boullet, a leader in smoke screens and glazed fire partitions; Souchier, which produces custom smoke exhaust ventilation and natural energy management systems; and Hexadome, a natural skylight manufacturer.