Hammad International Airport

Adexsi UK have designed and supplied Adesmoke® extract units to the new airport expansion at Hammad International Airport.

AdeSmoke helps keep QAF on Target

AdeSmoke helps keep QAF on Target.

Qatar Armed Forces are developing the Central Depot in Sailiya, the current addition of 6 new warehouse complexes B1-6 provides 32 individual warehouse spaces, specifically designed for essential item storage.

Ras Abu Fontas – Qatar Economic Zone 01

The development of the Qatar Economic zone is designed to boost investment and industry in the area adjacent to Hamad International Airport, Doha, covering over 4km2 of land.

UK Hydrographic Office

The UK Hydrographic Office is responsible for processing and passing on vital information to the maritime industry and seafaring military forces, acting as cartographers and supplying marine geospatial data.

Jeddah power plant, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah power plant, Saudi Arabia

The Jeddah South Thermal Power Plant is a major infrastructure project in Saudi Arabia. When completed in 2017, it will feature four 660MW steam turbines, delivering around 5% of the country’s entire power requirements.
The oil fired plant will feature new boiler technologies pioneered by Hyundai Heavy Industries, to enhance generation efficiency.
In common with many heavy industrial plant applications, particularly those where flammable fuels are involved, the plant design requires equipment to work in a potentially dangerous environment. Adexsi were called on to design and deliver explosion proof and fire proof Certilight units enabling natural and smoke ventilation as necessary.
Adexsi developed Certilight units that are ATEX rated and CE marked, with high resistance to explosion and flame, having pneumatic vents and with ATEX explosion proof controls. The units are specifically rated to the Exd IIC T4 standard for electrical equipment capable of being used in hazardous areas.