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Open protocol controls? There’s no such thing

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There’s been a lot of talk in the industry recently about the apparent benefits of running open protocol controls on your smoke control system. And while that sounds like a good idea and is surely a worthwhile cause worth championing, we’re forced to ask the question: what control protocols in the real world are actually...

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We’re SafeContractor approved (again)

SafeContractor Accreditation Sticker B

Adexsi UK has renewed its SafeContractor certification to continue assuring customers and prospects that its working practises and safety management are among the best in the industry.   “SafeContractor is considered a gold standard in the construction industry, and with good reason,” explains Rob Davies, Technical Director at Adexsi UK. “We’ve renewed our accreditation following...

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Five sectors, one common goal: SAFER BUILDINGS

Fire in residential building, Kiev

Smoke control saves lives, and we’ve been designing, installing and maintaining systems for years now, using high-quality equipment manufactured from within the Adexsi Group. But you already knew about that – pretty much every page on this website tells you the same and we like to think our reputation precedes us. What we don’t talk...

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1,000s of years of evaporative cooling


We’re known for expertise in smoke control, natural ventilation and other systems that govern airflow, safety and comfort. However, our focus on sustainable, energy efficient solutions has kept us away from traditional air conditioning systems. In line with this sustainable mantra we have become very interested in evaporative cooling and are very excited to announce...

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Why it matters that we use Adexsi Group products


There are a lot of different ventilation and smoke control options on the market. A good number of them are appropriately built and tested to the required standards, such as EN 12101-2 for smoke ventilation equipment, but there are plenty that aren’t.   The legislation makes it perfectly clear that simply applying actuators to existing...

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3000 species under one Dubai roof – The Green Planet

Green Planet 4

We’re proud to have been involved in the construction of the incredible Green Planet biodome in the heart of Dubai – a seven-storey building of glass and dramatic structural ‘folds’ to resemble origami, which features four levels of interaction with wildlife from across the world’s tropical climes.   The building invites tourists and school groups...

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